HP-PKC Series Carbon Paste Kneadering Cooler

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HP-PKC series paste kneading cooler (Invention Patent No 20121099062.3) is international leading kneading machine.It adopts low temperature kneading technology the paste is kneaded again while cooling, kneading quality is further improved.Paste after cooling s dispersive with agglomeration, and pitch smoke is completely discharged, and it reaches international level of similar products.

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1.Low temperature mixing and cooling
Adopt carbon paste cooler technology (Invention Patent NO.: ZL 2012 1 0099062.3), paste cooler technology(patent No.: ZL 2009 2 0273347.8) to knead under low temperature while cooling carbon paste. After carbon paste is kneaded and cooled down to 130℃ (such temperature is related to the features of pitch), with the decrease of temperature, the formation of pitch adsorption layer on aggregate surface is more active, and the layered structure of pitch adsorption layer tends to be arranged in order, which is beneficial to improve the conductivity of carbon products.
2. Molding volume density is improved by 0.02
Carbon product molding and finished product volume density are improved by 0.02 under the same molding condition..
3. Yield is improved by 2-5%
Carbon product defects are eliminated, yield of finished product made by cooled carbon paste is improved by2-5% under the same process condition.
4. Amount of pitch is reduced by 2%
Pitch consumption amount in the previous “mixing” production procedure is reduced by more than 2%.
Hp-Pkc Series (2)
5. Cooled paste is incompact
The carbon paste cooler technology is adopted by which special designed mixing blades mix and scatter paste powerfully.
6. Cooled carbon paste is of uniform temperature
Carbon paste is mixed and cooled down by circulating cooling medium simultaneously.Two mixing blades rotate synchronously but in opposite direction, so materials flow in order in the tank, which homogenize the paste temperature and property, minimize mixing resistance and save equipment driving power.
7.Cooling efficiency is high
Adopt mixing blade heating technology (patent No.: ZL 2006 20085174.3, mixing blade has cooling medium inside to cool down paste), whole area heating technology (patent No.. ZL20042 0018996.0),intensive heat transmission jacket, material discharge gate cooling and lining plate and tank seam- less-fitting and other cooling-intensifying technology.
8. Pitch smoke completely escape
The specially designed mixing blades scatter the paste constantly to make it incompact escaping of pitch smoke is thus speeded up.
Hp-Pkc Series (3)
9.Temperature measurement is accurate
Adopt new temperature measuring technology (patent No. ZL2014 2 0490132.2) to improve temperature measuring performance of thermo-responsive and anti-interference.
10. Fast material discharge, no material residue
Mixing blade pushes materials spirally to discharge material fast and completely from bottom open discharge gate in less than 2 min without residue left.
11. High wear resistance
Mixing blade is surface-welded with wear-resistant layers, rigidity of which is up to HR6065, and service life of mixing blade is 20 years. New type wear-resistant manganese steel material is used as lining pate with high strength after thermal treatment. Service life of lining plates for anode production s15 years and 1 year it is for cathode and carbon electrode production.
12. Bearing structure of mixing blade is reliable
Mixing blade shaft adopts self-aligning roller bearing and double-direction thrust bearing design which overcomes axial force of mixing blade and prevents mixing blades from axial shifting and service life of bearing is longer. Bearing structure is fixed on one side and movable on the other side, which eliminates influence of thermal expansion and prevents mixing blade from seizing after it is heated by heat transfer oil.
13. Reliable operation
It adopts hard teeth reduction gearbox and synchronous gear- box split structure with full lubrication and reliable operation. Hard teeth reduction gear, bearing capacity of which is 3 times of common one, together with gear coupling, guarantees high bearing capacity of transmission system. Hydraulic clutch can adjust transmitted torque according to the load to provide overload protection, and allow the machine to restart with load in case of some special conditions (such as restart after stopping during running)
14. Low noise
It is machined by special equipment, to get good concentricity, making the operation smooth, the service life long, and the operation noise of the entire machine less than 80dB.
15. PLC full automatic control
PLC control and internet communication are adopted to measure, display and transmit equipment running and status parameters at real time (optional configuration). Three kinds of operation mode—internet automatic, single machine automatic and manual..guarantee the machine itself can run automatically no matter if upstream and downstream machines are automatic.

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