Jamalco, a Jamaican Alumina Production Company, has announced plans to invest more funds to increase the factory’s production capacity


On April 25th, Jamalco, Jamaica Alumina Production Company, headquartered in Clarendon, Jamaica, announced that the company has allocated funds for the construction of infrastructure for the alumina factory. The company stated that this investment will help the alumina plant increase production to pre fire levels in August 2021. Jamaica Alumina Production Company stated that it plans to put a furnace back into use before July this year, and will spend an additional $40 million to purchase a new turbine. According to the understanding, Jamalco has previously been held by NOBLE GROUP and the Jamaican government. In May 2023, Century Aluminum Company successfully acquired a 55% stake in Jamaica Alumina Production Company owned by NOBLE GROUP, becoming the largest shareholder of the company. According to research, the Jamaican Alumina Production Company has built an alumina production capacity of 1.425 million tons. In August 2021, the alumina plant suffered a sudden fire, leading to a six-month shutdown. After resuming production, the alumina production gradually resumed. In July 2023, equipment damage at the aluminum oxide plant resulted in another production reduction. The annual report of Century Aluminum Company shows that as of the first quarter of 2024, the operating rate of the factory is around 80%. Analysis suggests that if Jamalco’s production plan goes smoothly, the operating capacity of the alumina plant will increase by approximately three hundred thousand tons after the fourth quarter of 2024.

Post time: May-23-2024