The selection of high-quality Chinese pre baked anode enterprises for 2024 is about to kick off!

The annual selection activity for high-quality pre baked anode enterprises in China was launched and hosted by Beijing Aladdin Holdings Group(ALD). in 2021. After three years, it has become one of the important awards in the China pre-baked anode industry. To help enterprises enhance their brand image, establish industry benchmarks, and further promote innovative development in the industry, the “2024 China Pre-baked Anode High Quality Enterprise” selection activity will continue to adopt a combination of online voting and expert evaluation, and ultimately select the “2024 China Pre-baked Anode High Quality Enterprise” award. Review of awards from previous conferences:

Yr 2021


Yr 2022


Yr 2023


Hwapeng wishes this year’s conference a smooth success and also wishes our company’s partners to continue to hold the title of 2024 China Pre-baked Anode High Quality Enterprise.

Post time: May-23-2024