The Indonesian government is promoting the upgrading of the electrolytic aluminum industry, with the goal of successfully building an electrolytic aluminum plant by 2027


Recently, Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Arifin Tasrif held a meeting to discuss the development plan for the PT Inalum electrolytic aluminum plant. It is understood that this meeting not only attracted the participation of the Minister of ESDM, but also included leaders from PT Inalum Alumina Company, PT PLN Energy Company, and other relevant departments. Their attendance indicates the Indonesian government's importance and expectations for this project.

After the meeting, the Minister of ESDM revealed that they expect PT Inalum to successfully build an electrolytic aluminum plant based on its existing bauxite and oxide plants by 2027. In addition, he also stated that PT PLN, the national power company, will ensure that Inalum's aluminum electrolysis plant uses clean energy, which is in line with Indonesia's long-term strategic planning in the field of new energy.

Electrolytic aluminum is a key link in the aluminum industry chain, and its production process requires a large amount of energy consumption. Therefore, using clean energy for electrolytic aluminum production can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also improve the economic benefits of enterprises.

State Power Company PT PLN has also promised to provide clean energy security for this project. In the current era where environmental protection is increasingly becoming a global concern, the use of clean energy is particularly important. This not only helps to reduce carbon emissions in the production process of electrolytic aluminum, but also improves energy utilization efficiency, injecting new vitality into Indonesia's sustainable development.

PT Inalum, as a leading enterprise in Indonesia's aluminum industry, has accumulated experience and technology in bauxite and alumina production, providing a solid foundation for the smooth construction of electrolytic aluminum plants. The participation of PT PLN provides strong energy support for this project. The cooperation between both parties will undoubtedly bring a brighter future to Indonesia's aluminum industry.

Post time: Mar-01-2024