Secretary General Chen and his delegation from the Non ferrous Metals Industry Aluminum Carbon Branch visited Shandong Hwapeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd

On March 4th, Secretary General Chen of the Aluminum Carbon Branch visited Shandong Hwapeng Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. and had in-depth exchanges with Vice General Manager Ms. Zheng and other leaders on topics such as the carbon market situation, carbon production core equipment technology innovation, solutions to enhance industry intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing, and digital transformation, as well as preparations for the annual meeting.


Ms. Zheng, Deputy General Manager, first warmly welcomed the visit of Secretary General Chen and his delegation, and then introduced the company's governance, technological innovation, and development plan for the past year. She stated that in order to adapt to the current green and intelligent development of carbon production and the continuous acceleration of intergenerational equipment and technology changes, Hwapeng has accelerated the construction of a modern enterprise management system, continuously innovated and developed leading product technologies, and achieved important breakthroughs in multiple new products and technologies, including the HP-H(H)KC series high efficient preheating kneading cooling system, HP-EVC series extrusion vibrocompactor , HP-EVC series airbag pressurization vacuum vibration forming system , HP-CEP series carbon extrusion press , HP-CPK-SG special graphite carbon paste kneader , HP-EBC series hydraulic crusher  and other key equipment and technologies. These innovative equipment and technologies not only improve the production efficiency of carbon enterprises, but also enhance product quality and stability. In addition, Hwapeng actively responds to the national call for "green development and intelligent manufacturing", continuously promotes the research and application of environmental protection technology and digital intelligent integration technology, and strives to become a leading digital technology service provider in the field of new energy materials and a leading digital intelligent technology service provider in China's industrial sector.

Secretary General Chen first highly praised the excellent performance and market satisfaction of Hwapeng, which has always adhered to the concept of "creating value for users" and persistently engaged in equipment manufacturing in the carbon industry. He particularly praised the company's corporate spirit of focusing on research and development and daring to innovate. He emphasized that Hwapeng is committed to improving the production process technology of carbon materials, tracking and mastering the latest technology and product trends, independent research and development, continuous innovation, and continuous breakthroughs. It has formed a series of patented products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights, and achieved domestic import substitution in multiple fields. This has enabled Chinese carbon enterprises to purchase large-scale equipment that is equivalent to the international leading level at a low cost, greatly improving market competitiveness, and effectively promoting the rapid development of the carbon industry.

Post time: Apr-02-2024